Jetty (Telugu)

Jetty (Telugu)
 IMDB Rating:

7.1/10 from 3200 votesIMDb




Action Drama Family

 Directed by:

Subrahmanyam Pitchuka





 Story Plot: In Andhra Pradesh’s Kataripalem, Katari Jalayya is seen as a guiding force by fishermen. Like in the case of most trades, middlemen exploit the fishermen. To add to the woes of the poor, natural calamities like cyclones also affect their lives negatively. They rely on a Jetty to keep their boats from sinking. However, in order to get a Jetty, they have to go through a lot of hardship. Dasaratha Ramayya, who is an MLA belonging to the opposition party, says that he can’t ensure a Jetty. Meanwhile, the antagonist has his own self-interest in preventing a Jetty from coming up. Amidst all this, Jalayya’s daughter Meenakshi and her lover Sriram, who is a school teacher, have a stake.
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