Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile [Telugu + Tamil + Hindi + Eng]

Tel + Tam + Hin + Eng

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile [Telugu + Tamil + Hindi + Eng]
 IMDB Rating:

6.1/10 from 14000 votesIMDb




Adventure Comedy Family

 Directed by:

Josh Gordon Will Speck




Dubbed Telugu

 Story Plot: Hector P. Valenti is a charismatic and aspiring entertainer yet has struggled to find his way into show business and unable to impress others with his magic tricks and stage performance. While dealing with yet another failure of magic act, Hector hopes to change the course of his career with an exotic animal, soon discovering Lyle, a special crocodile with an incredible singing voice. Hope to cash in all Lyle’s musical talent, Hector spends all of his money to the crocodile a star, but soon learns that the reptile is painfully shy, unable to come alive before the masses. Disappointed, Hector leaves New York City to find a paycheck, leaving Lyle in his home. Sometime later, new owners Katie Primm and Joseph Primm take up residence in Hector’s building, joined by their son, Josh, who’s struggling at school, feeling an outsider in his new surroundings.
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